Roof Replacement and Installation in Fonda, NY

Roof Replacement in Fonda, NY

and the surrounding areas, up to fifty miles!

There are times where a repair isn’t sufficient and you’ll need to bring in a contractor for complete roof replacement in Fonda, NY. When you find yourself in that situation you’ll want to ensure you’re working with a roofing contractor that has a rock-solid reputation.

While we can tell you all day how great we are, we understand that the real value comes from hearing it from our existing customers – the same people who live and work in your neighborhood. That’s why we’ve highlighted their testimonials throughout this website – so you don’t just have to take our word for it.

Right alongside that, we’d love to prove our expertise and put your mind at ease by describing the residential roof replacement process.

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The Process for Roof Replacement in Fonda, NY

First, choose the right roofing contractor in Fonda, NY

While this should be rather straightforward and obvious, you’ll need to make sure you pick the right contractor for your roof replacement in Fonda, NY. Choose a contractor who has been operating in your area for a long time and one who has plenty of positive reviews on the internet. (Here’s a hint, that’s us!)

Next, Inspect and Remove the Old Roof

If you already know you need roof removal in Fonda, NY, then you may have already had an inspection performed. Even so, we recommend that your roofer always inspect the roof themselves to be certain of what needs to be done – sometimes the decking will need to be replaced along with the underlayment and shingles (or other roofing material).

Once the inspection is complete the roofing crew can get to work removing the old roofing materials. In some cases a dumpster may be required to collect the materials and haul them off, although this is not always an absolute necessity. 

A Note on Decking and Roof Replacement in Fonda, NY

No, we’re not talking about soaking up the sun and relaxing on the deck in the backyard. The material under your roof that holds it up is known as “decking.” This material is critical when it comes to maintaining the strength of your roof. If it has become damaged it may need to be replaced. In some instances the material can become soft or rotted due to the accumulation of moisture, and it will need to be replaced before finishing your roof replacement in Fonda, NY.

Before Installing New Material

Once we’ve finished the removal of the old roof and completed the inspection, we can install the drip edges and underlayment. These help to keep everything dry and well protected.

Installing the New Roof

At this point we know exactly what we need to do to properly replace your roof. Your roofing materials are delivered and prepped on the job site. We install them rather quickly at this point, but it can still take a few days to complete the entire project.

Cleanup, Quality Inspection, and Job Completion

One of the reasons we have such a phenomenal rating on the web is that we don’t consider the job complete just because we have finished the installation. We still have to finish cleaning up the jobsite and complete the final inspection.

While we do feel we’re the best in the area we realize that to err is human, and so we look for any mistakes that may have taken place during the installation and correct them at this point. It’s rare, but we’re not too proud to admit it and correct these errors if they do occur.

Once everything is complete we discuss your warranty details with you and wrap up the project.

Get the Best Roof Replacement in Fonda, NY!

and the surrounding areas, up to fifty miles!

Albert Adamkoski Roofing



Really awesome people. Friendly and knowledgeable. Great service, on time. I will absolutely hire them again and recommend them for sure.

Tina – Metal Roofing


Me. Adamkoski came when he said he would have me a firm price came the next day on time and did a great job on re-roofing. His crew was polite and very accommodating . They cleaned up the entire area. Highly RECOMMEND HIM.

Brian – Shingle Roofing

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Albert Adamkoski Roofing



Called him because I had a concern about a leak and he gave me some great advice on how to fix it myself. Very nice and pleasant I highly recommend!

Justin – Roof Repair Customer


Was concerned about my roof after finding a few shingles had blown out because of the wind. I contacted Adam and he quickly had the shingles repaired and inspected my roof and nailed down everything that was loose. For the same amount he quoted me he cleaned out my gutter and fixed and sealed everything that didn’t look right. I highly recommend this gentleman as he will remain my roofer.

David – Roof Repair Customer

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