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Fast Roof Coating in Saratoga Springs, NY

and the surrounding areas, up to fifty miles!

When you need someone that you can trust to protect your roof with a coating, Albert Adamkoski Roofing is the best. We’ve got the experience needed to make the top recommendations. Not only have we worked with all kinds of coatings and roofing materials over the years, but we know the benefits of each one. We’ll work with you every step of the way and help you with every decision. You shouldn’t get overwhelmed with the options out there, so we’re here to help!

You want to know you’re getting the best, so feel free to check our online reviews. Past customers love our results from any of the many roofing services we offer, so don’t wait any longer. Dial (518) 224-3981 today and schedule your free inspection and estimate!

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Benefits of Roof Coating in Saratoga Springs, NY

if you do check us out online, you might notice that we’ve got a lot of expertise with roofing and roof services. You’ll also see that a lot of our customers chose Gaco Silicone for their roof coating in Saratoga Springs, NY. In our experience, Gaco Silicone is the best all-around roof coating for your money, especially since you’ll get their fantastic warranty. Some coatings have pros and cons depending on where your building is and the kind of weather you tend to get there. There are obviously other factors, but those are the major ones and Gaco Silicone works in almost any situation. If you’re worried about your budget, the team at Albert Adamkoski Roofing has your back. We’ll keep your finances in mind when we make suggestions, because you shouldn’t lose out on solid protection just because of money. Whatever the problem, we’re the experts you want with you every step of the way!

While we encourage you to look at our reviews, we also recommend hiring a professional. You can’t beat years of hands-on experience with different manufacturers and products. There are a lot of options on the market, so you want someone that can answer you questions and get your home or business the best protection. When you’re ready to get started, give us a call at (518) 224-3981 and set up your free inspection today!

Here are the Roofing Services We Do in Fultonville, NY

and the surrounding areas, up to fifty miles!

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Roof Repair
Replace & Install
Metal Roofs
Flat / Commercial
Roof Coating

Lasting Roof Coating in Saratoga Springs, NY

Whether you’ve got a family at home or employees under the roof of your business, you want to make sure that roof stays intact. A great way to improve your roof’s capabilities is with a roof coating in Saratoga Springs, NY. When you pick roofing materials for your building, you might have to compromise on a feature that you really wanted, which is where a roof coating can help.

If precipitation and leaks are a concern, you can add waterproofing to your roofing with a coating. Another common coating is UV reflection, because of the possible financial benefits. Less sunlight on your home or business can mean less air conditioning needed, which translates to a lower electric bill. On top of that, your roofing materials will be exposed less to sunlight, which is a reason that some materials start to deteriorate early or fade in color. The benefits of a roof coating are just getting started, though!

Our coating can increase your roof’s lifespan, which can save you a lot on roof repairs or replacements over the years. If that’s not enough of a reason to consider contacting us, think of the Earth. Using less energy is always a good thing, but using fewer roofing materials is even better! Since a lot of those materials don’t biodegrade, avoiding a roof replacement can be a big deal for landfills that are already overflowing. If you want to know more about possibly saving money and the Earth with a roof coating, call us today at (518) 224-3981 for your free estimate!


Here are the Roofing Services We Do in Fultonville, NY

and the surrounding areas, up to fifty miles!

Materials to Consider

We’ve mentioned that we do multiple roofing services and we do. For actual roofing materials, we always recommend Owens Corning shingles.

If you’ve already for materials for your home or business, you should think about Gaco Silicone for your roof coating. Maybe you need something a little more affordable without losing quality. Our experts suggest Aluma-Kote as a good second, so don’t wait to call us today at (518) 224-3981 to get started!

We offer a 5 year workmanship warranty on all roof installations!

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Really awesome people. Friendly and knowledgeable. Great service, on time. I will absolutely hire them again and recommend them for sure.

Tina – Metal Roofing


Me. Adamkoski came when he said he would have me a firm price came the next day on time and did a great job on re-roofing. His crew was polite and very accommodating . They cleaned up the entire area. Highly RECOMMEND HIM.

Brian – Shingle Roofing

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Albert Adamkoski Roofing



Called him because I had a concern about a leak and he gave me some great advice on how to fix it myself. Very nice and pleasant I highly recommend!

Justin – Roof Repair Customer


Was concerned about my roof after finding a few shingles had blown out because of the wind. I contacted Adam and he quickly had the shingles repaired and inspected my roof and nailed down everything that was loose. For the same amount he quoted me he cleaned out my gutter and fixed and sealed everything that didn’t look right. I highly recommend this gentleman as he will remain my roofer.

David – Roof Repair Customer

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