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Materials and Warranties

99% of the time we use Owens Corning shingles, because we feel they are the best on the market.

For our roof coatings we use Gaco Silicone whenever possible, although for some budget-oriented projects we may recommend alternative options like fibered Aluma-Kote.

We offer a 5 year workmanship warranty on all roof installations!

Commercial Roofing Options

We’ve discussed the different types of materials used on commercial buildings in our blog, but we figured it makes sense to reiterate some of that here.

Generally, Albert Adamkoski Roofing prefers to install EPDM for commercial roofs, but we do realize there may be situations where it isn’t a viable solution. In other cases, the building owner may simply have a different preference or other requirements.

Built-Up Roofing (BUR) for commercial roofing in Gloversville, NY

Built-Up Roofing (also known as BUR) is quite popular in the USA because it has been around for over a hundred years. It’s rather sturdy and can be used in a variety of applications because of the multiple layers that are “built up.”

Some pros include resistance to fire, electricity, heavy impacts. It is also known to be quite puncture resistant. Options exist for waterproof and reflective coatings, and it is known to be very strong. Because of the materials used, it’s generally rather easy to work on even in rain and snow conditions (a rather important consideration for commercial and industrial installations). Lastly, it’s known to last for about 30 years due to the multiple layers of material. Each layer is protected by the layer above it, providing serious long-term durability.

The biggest con is the expense. Built-up roofing can run approximately $200 per square foot or more. It also takes longer to install, so labor costs can typically be higher. Another con is that, in some instances, BUR has been reportedly blown off during high winds.

BUR also is susceptible to accumulating water, which leads to mold and leaks, and it can be rather heavy. Even without the water pooling on the roof it averages 25 lbs per square foot. That’s pretty heavy for commercial roofing in Gloversville, NY.

TPO for Commercial Roofing in Gloversville, NY

TPO (thermoplastic polyolefin) is the new kid on the block, but has been building in popularity quite rapidly. It can be applied to flat roofs or those with a slope. It is the most commonly used material for new commercial buildings. It tends to be somewhat affordable and is relatively straight-forward to install, reducing labor costs. It’s generally resistant to mold, tears, and corrosion and tends to come in white so it is reflective “out-of-the-box.”

There are a few cons associated with TPO – it’s less expensive because it’s less durable. On average TPO lasts about a decade – compare that to EPDM’s 20 year lifespan or BUR’s 30 year lifespan and cost calculations begin to tell a slightly different story. It also requires a commercial roofer in Gloversville, NY with special knowledge and skills – if it’s not installed correctly it can come apart at the seams.

EPDM for Commercial Roofing in Gloversville, NY

We’ll keep this short and sweet since we’ve already gone in-depth on EPDM on our flat roofing page. EPDM is named after the chemicals it is made from. It generally comes in sheets that are rolled up and while being installed it is unrolled. It is the least expensive roofing material for flat roofs, has great insulation properties, and comes in black and white. When installed properly it can help reduce heating and cooling costs.

Roof Coatings for Commercial Roofing in Gloversville, NY

To learn more about roof coatings check out the roof coatings page.

Our crews applying a roof coating to a commercial flat roof

Albert Adamkoski Roofing



Albert is an incredibly honest and forthright roofer. I received estimates from 2 other more well know local roofers. Not only was Albert’s bid lower, it was incredibly comprehensive and I never felt anything was being hidden. He let me know exactly what materials would cost as well as how much he would make and backed that up with receipts for everything when the job was complete. He is a pro at working with insurance companies as well. I am not being paid or compensated in any way to give this review and I never knew Albert before we met to get an estimate. I would recommend him without reservation.

-Patrick, EPDM Installation in 2019


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Really awesome people. Friendly and knowledgeable. Great service, on time. I will absolutely hire them again and recommend them for sure.

Tina – Metal Roofing


Me. Adamkoski came when he said he would have me a firm price came the next day on time and did a great job on re-roofing. His crew was polite and very accommodating . They cleaned up the entire area. Highly RECOMMEND HIM.

Brian – Shingle Roofing

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Called him because I had a concern about a leak and he gave me some great advice on how to fix it myself. Very nice and pleasant I highly recommend!

Justin – Roof Repair Customer


Was concerned about my roof after finding a few shingles had blown out because of the wind. I contacted Adam and he quickly had the shingles repaired and inspected my roof and nailed down everything that was loose. For the same amount he quoted me he cleaned out my gutter and fixed and sealed everything that didn’t look right. I highly recommend this gentleman as he will remain my roofer.

David – Roof Repair Customer

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